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OCamlSDL needs OCaml and SDL to run. The current version has been tested with OCaml 3.04 and SDL 1.2.3 under GNU/Linux. You will also need the latest SDL extra libraries SDL_ttf, SDL_image and SDL_mixer.


You can get the latest release from the OCamlSDL download page on SourceForge.net. Read the INSTALL file from the distribution for more informations on how to build OCamlSDL.


There is no binary distribution of OCamlSDL for the moment, you need to get the sources and compile it by yourself.


You can browse or checkout OCamlSDL sources from the SourceForge.net repository. To checkout the sources, you need to tell CVS where to find the source repository using the following command:

$ export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous@cvs.OCamlSDL.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ocamlsdl'

Then, log in to the CVS server and extract the source tree:

$ cvs login
(you can hit enter, there is no password)

$ cvs -z3 co OCamlSDL

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